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Riverside Goat Milk Soap

About Us

Meet Chocolate Bon Bon

We are Riverside! We are family! While I, Heather, am the main guru behind this beautiful business; there are many members that contribute to the whole. Here is our story....

It all started with one child 

suffering from eczema, one child being lactose-intolerant and a hubby with psoriasis. I wanted to get two milking goats so that we had fresh milk to drink. As it happened, I had so much milk I needed to find other things to do with it. After hours of research I learned that soap made from fresh goat milk can soothe rashes and sensitive skin (and boy do I have sensitive skin!).

And so the journey began... lots of recipes and formulas that didn't work. Until the day I prayed and God revealed to me the recipe that I was to use (now why didn't I do that in the first place?).

After just a few days of using goat milk soap I noticed that my sons eczema was clearing up (and to date has not returned as long as he uses goat milk soap). My husband stated that his head no longer itched and his psoriasis spots began to heal! So long as he uses goat milk soap the irritated skin is soothed. I had family and friends try out this new soap that I was making and they loved it too! My husband encouraged me to begin marketing this product. I have been making and selling goat milk soap for 10 years now. I have slowly added more products to the line as they passed the "family test."

Meet Lucky Lou

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